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I am Damiano,
Italian Art Director & Visual Designer

Designing and coordinating creative projects for branded environments.

Creating design solutions that communicate and connect with people.

I am an experienced Designer with 10+ years of experience and a straightforward approach to contemporary design.
Specialized in brand strategy, visual identity and design solutions.

Senior designer and problem solver interested in marketing and business.
Art director and brand strategist who loves storytelling and, especially consistency.


Brand Strategy

✓   Brand positioning
✓   Purpose, mission, vision, values
✓   Brand voice, persona & message
✓   Naming, tagline & hook
✓   Customer insights (painpoints)


✓  Graphic design
✓   Logo design
✓   Brand identity
✓   SEO friendly website
✓   Investor pitch decks

Digital Marketing

* For Branding clients only
✓  Pay per click ads
✓  Basic one-time SEO
✓  1 year content creation
✓  1 year social media services

Achieve results with my guided process

“It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In the hands of the right designer, a word is worth a thousand pictures”.

Tony Di Spigna, Typographer and Distinguished Professor

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