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I am Damiano,
Italian Art Director & Designer

who deals with communication, and above all aesthetics

For more than ten years I have been supporting companies, institutions, and organisations in communicating and positioning their products, services, and events.

Designing and coordinating creative projects for branded environments.

Creating design solutions that communicate and connect with people.

My services span all disciplines from brand guidelines to packaging design, from web development to printed materials, I can design and represent your concepts through a consistent and original aesthetic. 
Always driven by creativity, my work influences culture and creates business value.

Depending on the complexity and needs of the project, we can decide to work with my most trusted collaborators and partners for the production of videos, photography, social media advertising, copywriters, etc.




✓   Market analysis
✓   Competitor research
✓   Market intelligence
✓   Marketing strategies
✓   Customer insights (painpoints)



✓   Brand positioning
✓   Purpose, values, mission, and vision
✓   Brand voice, persona & message
✓   Naming, tagline & hook
✓   Storytelling



✓   Logo design
✓   Corporate identity
✓   Packaging design
✓   Presentations and pitch decks
✓   Editorial design
✓   SEO friendly websites
✓   Digital contents (social media, newsletters, banners, ect.) 


Product development

✓   Project Management
✓   Digital product development
✓   Physical product development

“It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In the hands of the right designer, a word is worth a thousand pictures”.

Tony Di Spigna, Typographer and Distinguished Professor


What do you do?

︎   Make sense of things
︎   Pay attention to details
︎   Designing digital contents
︎   Organize information and datas
︎   Managing brand communications
︎   Managing branded photo and video shoots
︎   Think both creatively, and critically
︎   Finding solutions to communicate anything
︎   Prioritize, manage workload, and timelines
︎   Being collaborative

︎   Finding solutions to inefficient processes

How do you work?

︎   Design Thinking

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