Client: Artemide
Working group:  Henry&co.
Year:  2013

I attented a workshop with Artemide and Paolo de Lucchi (italian architect and designer). The final step of this was to design some lighting design systems. Reverse and Radice Quadrata were my proposals .

Reverse is almost a joke. The idea behind was to turn around a “normal lamp”, so the top on the bottom, basically to reverse it. Usually a lamp has a big light diffuser, and on the top a small piece that just connect the lamp itself to the ceiling (with some electronic connections ect.). Why don’t make the opposite? Having a small light diffuser, with a spot bulb on the bottom, and a bigger light diffuser but on the top. It is a sort of exaggeration, but thistop part was also thought to have an ambient LED strip; so the lamp has two light points,: one spot to illuminate a table, and a more relax and ambient one.

Radice  Quadrata  is inspired by the square root mathematical symbol. I was sketching at the time a lot of ideas and after days I just realized that the square root shape was basically really looking like a lamp, it is almost made for that. So I just started to develope the idea, thinking about materials and how to create a functional table lamp, that works with LED strips.


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