CrowdyHouse (Photography)

Client: CrowdyHouse
Working group:  CrowdyHouse team
Year:  2014-2015

CROWDY HOUSE is a marketplace for designers and makers. I was involved as a UX-UI Designer and Brand Developer in the beginning, and then as Photographer in the internal photo studio.

I started to work in CrowdyHouse as a Designer and the first  three months I was designing their brand new website with another designer, from scratch, it was end od 2014. In March 2015 the website went live and with that also the new Branding of CrowdyHouse.
After I started to work as a Photographer as well, providing the Photographic service to the Makers that didn’t have professional photos of their own products.
In this period with the collaboration of Serene Kahn (stylist) and Giulia Castelli (designer and stylist) we shot the launch campaign photos for each category of the Marketplace, organizing this with different designers and managing the whole process by our own.


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