Rocking Horse

Client: C.M.F Greentech
Working group:  Henry&co.
Year:  2014

This project was aimed to show a new use of this amazing ecological material called Canalapithos, just used in green architecture at the time. Henry&co. decided to design a rocking horse for children due to the material features, so safe and natural.

Henry&co. was heavily involved in the research of ecological material and new processes. CANAPALITHOS, this material was one of them. We found it and we just got in love with that and with C.M.F. Greentech.
So we started a collaboration and Rocking Horse was the first project.
We develeped this rocking horse for childer thanks to the amazing technical performance and especially the ecological features of Canapalithos.
Rocking Horse was exhibited at Milan Design Week in 2014 and had been particularly successful. The result was a stronger collaboration that was born between C.M.F. Greentech and Henry & co.


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